Rottweilers Rank #1 for This Disease: Is Your Dog at Risk?

Osteoarthritis Quick Facts

Researchers at the Royal Veterinary College conduct the largest ever study of Osteoarthritis in dogs in veterinary care.

A survey of nearly a half million dogs found, among other results, that Rottweilers are the dog breed most likely to suffer from Osteoarthritis, the most common joint disease in dogs. Here are some additional findings from the researchers:

Old English Sheepdogs and Dogue de Bordeaux follow Rottweilers respectively as the breeds most prone to suffering from osteoarthritis at some point in their lives.

Old English Sheepdog lying down with red toy

Overweight dogs were 2.3 times more likely to be diagnosed with the condition.English bulldog on a dandelions field

Male dogs were 1.2 times more likely to have it than females.Labrador Dog Peeping From Behind A Fence

Vets recommended weight loss as a treatment for 25.5 percent of dogs with osteoarthritis, exercise restriction for 18.8 percent, and surgery for 4.8 percent.Border Collie Dog Catching Frisbee In Jump

On average, dogs received their first diagnosis by the age of 10.5.Smiling senior couple with dog on a hike in a forest

75 percent of pups diagnosed with osteoarthritis are recommended pain relief medication.large brown and white dog sitting on a field of grass

Osteoarthritis may be one of the most common diseases facing pups around the world, but it’s never too early to take preventative measures in your younger dog, nor too late to provide seniors with natural ways to strengthen their joints and provide them with natural pain-relief. Most pups can start on a joint supplement by 12 weeks of age.

We recommend WellSyn, a joint support soft chew with MSM that helps prevent degenerative joint disease, strengthens joints and cartilage, and relieves pain in areas of the body already afflicted with arthritis. Joint disease can mean severe and chronic pain for your best friend. Adding a pain-relieving supplement to your pet’s routine can help going a long way to keeping your living a happy, pain-free, healthy lifestyle.

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Written by VetWELL