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Top dog trainer loves EarWELL !

Check out this awesome review

Robert Cabral using EarWELL wipes on his god

Top dog trainer Robert Cabral loves our EarWELL Ear Wipes, and so will you!

Top dog trainer, advocate, and author Robert Cabral, has no doubt seen countless dogs along with countless products for dogs over his decades long career. His experience training dogs includes most every breed and temperament having instructed, trained and rehabilitated dogs from shelters nationwide to give them their only chance at adoption. You may have even seen him on NBC Today with Kathy Lee and Hoda! So we were super excited that he is using our ear wipes on his own dogs. Check out Robert’s awesome and humorous video review of our EarWELL Ear Wipes on his YouTube channel here.  Thanks Robert!

EarWELL ear wipes keep your dog’s ears free from waxy build-up, dirt and discharge. Fast, easy, and convenient. These wipes are perfect for keeping your dog’s ears clean and fresh everyday.

Dog with EarWELL ear wipes

Written by VetWELL