Quiz: Can You Identify the Signs of a Happy and Healthy Dog?

We all wish we could talk to our furry friends the same way we talk to our human friends! Sometimes it can be hard to tell if your dog is happy and healthy, because he can’t tell you if he feels sad or sick. But while your pup can’t say how she feels with words, she can tell you with her actions. Though factors like age and breed do play a role, happy and healthy dogs tend to act a certain way. It’s important for all pet parents to know these signs so you can tell if something is wrong with your pup. So how good is your knowledge of happy and healthy dogs? Take this quiz to find out!

happy beagle getting a treat

  • A happy and healthy dog’s ears should be…

    dog ears
    • Floppy and light pink on the inside
    • Alert and moving around a lot
  • What about his mouth?

    • Should usually be closed
    • Should usually be slightly open
    • Should usually be wide open
  • Is destructive behavior a good sign?

    Labrador chewing on a ball
    • Yes – it’s natural for dogs to be destructive when they play.
    • No – happy dogs aren’t destructive.
  • What should a happy and healthy dog spend the most time doing?

    black lab puppy looking up at owner
    • Eating
    • Sleeping
    • Playing
  • What does it mean if your pup lies on his back and shows you his belly a lot?

    dog lying on back
    • He’s happy and healthy!
    • He’s in pain.
  • Dogs that want a lot of attention are…

    dog wants attention
    • Usually trying to tell you something is wrong.
    • Usually just want to spend time with you.
  • If a dog is drinking a lot of water and urinating a lot…

    • That’s a sign of a well-hydrated dog!
    • It could be a sign of a health issue.
  • Happy puppy dog eyes are…

    dog eyes
    • Soft, with frequent blinking
    • Narrow, with a hard gaze
    • Wide, with whites showing
  • If a dog wiggles and moves a lot…

    jumping dog
    • It might mean something is bothering him.
    • He is relaxed and happy.
  • What is happy and healthy social behavior for a dog?

    beagles playing
    • Dogs should be social to other dogs, not people.
    • Dogs should be excited to see you, but wary of other dogs.
    • Dogs should be sociable and excited around other dogs and humans.
    • Dogs aren’t necessarily social, and may want to spend a lot of time alone.

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