Quiz: Do You Know Which Foods Are Toxic for Your Pup?

When you’re eating and your dog is staring at you with those adorable eyes, it can be hard to resist sharing your food. But not all human food is safe for dogs, and letting your pup lick your plate clean could have some serious consequences. Do you know which foods are safe for pets and which are toxic? Enjoy dinner with your pet and test your knowledge with this quiz!

english bulldog lying down with a toy

  • Grapes and Raisins

    • They’re fine!
    • Toxic!
  • Bread

    • Dogs can eat bread.
    • Toxic!
  • Chocolate

    • Ok in small quantities
    • Toxic
  • Avocado

    • Safe
    • Toxic
  • Eggs

    • Safe and nutritious (when cooked)
    • Unhealthy for pups
  • Tomatoes

    • Good for your pup!
    • Be careful!
  • Carrots

    • Healthy!
    • Unhealthy!
  • Cheese

    • Ok in small quantities
    • Avoid feeding to dogs
  • Onions

    • Healthy!
    • Toxic!
  • Potatoes

    • Fine in all forms
    • Only plain, cooked potatoes are safe
  • Rice

    • Has benefits for pups!
    • Can be toxic.
  • Xylitol (a common sugar substitute)

    • OK in small quantities
    • VERY toxic

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