Quiz: What Vacation Should You Take With Your Dog?

If you want to get away but you can’t bear leaving your pup at home, don’t fret! There are plenty of pet-friendly vacation destinations in the United States with an abundance of activities for dogs. Take this quiz to find out which destination would be perfect for you and your furry friend!

family playing with dog on beach

  • What type of atmosphere are you looking for on your getaway?

    girl with dog in the park
    • Busy big city
    • Charming small town
    • Hip and cultural
    • Laid-back and coastal
  • What do you want to do with your pup?

    Man and central Asian shepherd walk in the park. He keeps the dog on the leash.
    • Chill on a beach
    • Shop
    • Hike
    • Listen to live music
  • What body of water would you and your dog prefer to be near?

    Dog Beach
    • A river
    • The ocean
    • Ponds and bays
    • A big lake
  • What activity would your dog LOVE?

    Excited Border Collie
    • Mardi Gras Dog Parade
    • Pet Photoshoot
    • Canine Cruise
    • Sailing and Fishing
  • What’s your favorite region of the United States?

    US Flag
    • The Northeast
    • The South
    • The Midwest
    • The West
  • What do you want to eat at a pet-friendly restaurant?

    • Pizza/ Hot Dogs
    • Seafood
    • BBQ
    • Tacos
  • Where would you most like to make a stop for your pup?

    Dog staring at food
    • Frosty Paws – dog ice cream
    • Bark Harbor – dog store with everything your pup could need
    • Paw Naturals – holistic dog food and products
    • Bow-Wow Bone – food truck for dogs
  • What other activity do you want on your itinerary?

    Dog and Girl in Park
    • Dog night at the ballpark
    • Doga (yoga for you and your pup)
    • Camping
    • Dog friendly wine tasting

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